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Newest Book Series Just Out!
"Prophets"  Series

Prophets I
By Abbot David Michael, ThD

Published 2017
6" by 9" with 302 pages with Numerous Illustrations

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        Some call us an Outlaw group but we are not.  We do follow the laws of YHWH and not the laws of Men. Our gathering and brotherhood began in 1968 within the Jesus Freak communes with an emphasis on prophecy and miracles. Today, we are 2nd and 3rd generation bikers as the sons of the prophets. In 1986, we were recognized within a Syro-Chaldean rite church under the oversight of Pope John Paul II as a Perosnal Prelature as a Templar order called the Order of the Gate of the Temple of Jerusalem.
        Included in this volume are 69 dreams, visions and prophecies about how to survive what is coming upon America in these end times. Soon, economic collapse, starvation, epidemics, natural disasters and war will hit America. This is a must read book for Peppers, Christians and anyone who wants to survive the judgment that is coming on America.

Prophets II
By Abbot David Michael, ThD

Published 2017
6" by 9" with 307 pages with Numerous Illustrations

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        This is the second book in the Prophets Series that further reveals 59 more dreams, visions and prophecies given to the Templar Prophets for surviving global collapse in America. Mobility and brotherthood is key to God's plan for the true church. Getting off the gold, oil and money standards are mandatory with easily mobile food farms as the only viable survivial and barter item.
        The notion of defending your homestead agaist marauders and NWO/UN military forces is suicidal. Get the real survival solution as revealed by YHWH for his faithful people before it is too late and death consumes you and your loved ones. This is a must read for Preppers, Christians and anyone who wants to survive the soon coming collapse of America.
Prophets III
By Abbot David Michael, ThD

Published Soon in 2018!
6" by 9" with 300+ pages with Numerous Illustrations

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        This is the third book in the Prophets Series that further reveals many more dreams, visions and prophecies given to the Templar Prophets for surviving global collapse while living in America. Much effort is to try to being true believers in YHWH and his Son YShua back to the faith experienced in Jerusalem prior to 50 AD.  The first 20 years of the Church is really the only true church with most churches being founded after this date were greatly influenced by Hellenism which later became the Roman and Orthodox churches.Read about the faith of the church of Jerusalem prior to the Pauline influence to understand the Hebrew Christian church that kept the Saturday Sabbath and the Sabbath holy days.    
        This book is a rewrite of four prior books in combined in a single volume.  The books rewritten include, Alien Invasion, Draconian NWO, Nephilim Wars and Melchezedek Arises sold as individual copies below.

Prophets IV and V are also in the writing with IV close to being complete.  
Stay tuned for these life changing books when they are published.

Four Book Series Exposing the
New World Order Agenda
No other author has provided such detailed information in the agenda of the New World Order as drawn from dreams, visions, remote viewing, alien encounters, the Templars and the Royal House of the Habsburgs.

2015-17 Alien Invasion

Vol. 1 

By Abbot David Michael, ThD

6" by 9" with 200 pages with numerous Illustrations

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    The writing of "2015 Alien Invasion" reveals the hidden impact of aliens upon the development of the human species from the very beginning and such a truth is astounding. This book is extreme and will attack the very foundation of the theology held by most traditional Christians yet the reader is assured, they do not conflict with the Canon of the Christian Scriptures in any way. 
    Abbot David is now revealing his dreams, prophecies and experiences in this book because time is short. The battle for the souls of mankind is extremely fierce and unrelenting. We are in a war with the forces of light of the armies of YHWH now fully engaged with the forces of darkness who are the armies of the great dragon called Satan.  Knowledge is power and the more we can understand about how these forces of good and evil operate and conflict, the better we will be in overcoming evil in battle and in due time see truth prevail. Abbot David provides a solution he received from YHWH for the faithful in association with the Native American who are also awaiting the arrival of Messiah Y'Shua. This is evident in Ojibwe Prophecy of the Seven Fires and also revealed in the Hopi Pahana prophecy.

2015-17 Draconian NWO

Vol. 2
By Abbot David Michael, ThD

6" by 9" with 214 pages
with numerous Illustrations

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    This second book in a series of four books provides inside information never before revealed to the public about the Illuminati and the rise of the biblical False Prophet, Antichrist and the Beast. Where these three persons originate is fully discussed in merging biblical, historic and occult sources. This is a must read if you intend to survive the coming regime of the NWO and its many faces that will deceive most of Christendom who will unknowingly choose to follow after the image of the beast and take the mark of the beast.

2015-17 Nephilim Wars
Vol. 3

By Abbot David Michael, ThD

6" by 9" with 218 pages
with numerous Illustrations

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    If it were possible, even the elect [true Christian] will be deceived and drawn into the regime of the Antichrist and think they are doing good in killing other Christians. There will be no sitting on the fence as Nephilim warriors again roam the earth devouring all that is in their path. Only the Knights of YHWH will know how to stop this alien army of giants.

    This book will tell you where the safe places are in America to survive the coming Holocaust. It will prepare you for battle against the Nephilim. It calls to you to become Knights as the new Crusaders to be trained to fight the Nephilim along with their fallen angelic fathers backed by vast armies. The Nephilim are among us now - soon to arise from obscurity and hiding to ravage the earth. This is a must read to be ready to prepare a survival place in the mountains from which to fight the most powerful evil army to ever tread upon the earth.

2015-17 Melkizedek Arises
Vol. 4

By Abbot David Michael, ThD

6" by 9" with 216 pages with numerous illustrations


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    Book 4 of the New World Order series is providing inside information on the Order of Melkizedek who will be the warriors who will confront and overcome the Antichrist regime of the Antichrist, the false prophet and the Beast. It will also combat the hidden Nephilim blood line of the Illuminati, the Merivingian and the Jesuits of the Roman Church and their space alien backed armies

Field Manual
Knights of YHWH

Just Updated - 2nd Edition - Expanded by 40 pages.

By Abbot David Michael, ThD

 5" by 6" with 116 pages with numerous illustrations

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        A small easy to carry manual for the field for the warriors of YHWH also called the Knights of YHWH now in the second edition available.  This Field Manual is for those who are determined to use the force of arms against the NWO as Constitutionalists, Theists and Revolutionaries in the tradition of the Sons of Liberty.  This book clearly explains how to strategically win a military conflict against an extremely superior force with no to few casualties. Included in this book is the proven method for resistance as a loosely organized  "Army of Stealth Snipers" as proven effective in resisting the Russian Armies and the US and NATO Armies in the long standing conflicts in Afghanistan.          
      This book was written as the result of years of
prayer and research in seeking to discover a way to be effective if one chooses (is called by YHWH) to physically resist with the force of arms.  As a priest and a former military endorsed chaplain, Abbot David has asked YHWH for the solution to be able to convey an answer to those seeking God's protection as professional military engaged in just wars.    
        This Field Manual provides the answer on what to do and what not to do to survive the coming military conflict in America.  It covers stealth and survival techniques in the wild in adapting a horse for transport to avoid an overt 'human' signature picked up by many recon-electronics that are now used in the field.  If you are to take up arms against the coming NWO/UN invasion, this book may save your life and the lives of those you love and seek to protect.
Making , Playing and Composing
on the 10 Stringed Lyre Harp

By Abbot David Michael, ThD

  8.5" by 11" with 66 pages


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    This is the only book in print that provides detailed step by step instruction to even the novice in making, playing and composing on the ancient 10 stringed Lyre-Harp. This harp called a Kinnor by the Israelites dates to the time of King David and has been an instrument of importance for over 3000 years in many cultures.
    This simple construction method in fully explained steps with lots of pictures reveals the secret theory behind how resonance is designed and created in an instrument. This is a must have books for any stringed instrument maker whether they are just beginning or advanced in their skills.

Dove Prophecies

By Abbot David Michael, ThD

 5" by 6" with 116 pages


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        The Dove Prophecies book is a compilation of all the studies and prophecies of Abbot David Michael as relating to the Native American and how they are involved in the saving of the true remnant of the faithful in America.  Abbot David has visited with the elders and shamans of this world and also has been visited by the Native Elders who have passed on who are aligned with YHWH or YaHuVeHa in these end times.  
        If you have a mission to the Native American, this is  MUST READ as the information revealed in this book cannot be found any place else.  This is the plan of YHWH that brings together the Native prophecies of the 7 Fires, the two Blue and Red Kachina prophets who would come before the return of the white brother "Pahana" as the Messiah looked for by Native Americans.
        It also explains how the woman of the Tribes will become the driving force that brings the tribal people back to the God of the Forefathers (YHWH) and in this, the land may then be healed and protection provided by YHWH against the NWO who seeks the genocide of all Native Americans who do not enslave themselves to their agenda.  



Healing with Musically Charged Water
By Dr. David Michael, MS, ThD

Manual (6" by 9") with Professional Water Charging Device
Proposed kit price $95.00

    This price of $95 is for a healing kit with included healing manual titled, "Healing with Musically Charged Water" that is packaged with an electronic  proprietary device that enables anyone to charge simple water with frequencies in making healing remedies.  The book provides an indepth study of the scientific theory behind music frequency healing as dominant language of biological cells.  It is believed this East-West science based system may take the place of drugs in duplicating chemical 'drug' frequencies in simple water without the common side effects of many toxic drugs. 
      The electronic device was created in a rare merger of Chinese herbal science with modern medicine where East meets West in Hawaii.  The device is small and self powered by battery thus easily portable where a healing practiioner may carry the device in a Doctor' bag along with his or her healing assortment of herbs and conventional drugs.  This innovative 'infusion' device is used by first  testing the weak frequencies in the body and then placing the needed remedy in line with the sensor.  Dosage and susbstance is then modified until there is a balance in energy from the appropriate  meridian pathways.  This assures healing applying the right substance and the right dosage.  This is truly an innovative device usd by licensed MD's and Herbal doctors alike.

Curse of the Nephilim: Deliverence from Demons

By Abbot David Michael, ThD

  6" by 9"

Coming soon!

        The Tabernacle of David is prophesied to return to the true believers in the last days as a testimony in the reuniting of Judah and Ephriam (10 tribes).  The Seven Steps as reflected in the 7 pieces of furniture of the Tabernacle are the seven steps for deliverence from demons.  The Tabernacle is a reflection of the Temple in Heaven as the Throne of YHWH.  
        Demons are the disembodied evil spritis of the Nephilim who were spawned from fallen angels and human women. For us, this path has become our weekly fellowship gathering each week as we together walk through the steps of reconciliation and pray for one another to YHWH through YShua.  Demons cannot stand this walk of power that causes them to fear and leave the oppressed and even the possessed.  
        In the Tabernacle of david is reflected the 7 parts of the Armor of YHWH which includes the, 1) cloak of holimess, 2) the helmet of Salvation, 3) the breastplate of righteousness, 4) the belt of truth, 5) the shoes of peace, 6) the shield of faith and the 7) sword of the Spirit.   

My Life and Call
Abbot +David Michael

A prophet was I called,

on Mt Zion at age of 12.
With music as my sword,
and faith as my shield.

I lived in frontier Oregon,
and cared for horse and cow.
Spent many nights a sleeping,
by the stream and on the mount.

In school I was most brazen,

yet to college I was sent.

Excelled with degrees a-plenty,
then a professor for 20 years sent.

Ordained a Deacon cleric,
in the Syro-Chaldean faith,
Then ordained an Episcopal Priest,
to serve the C.A.P.

Then received the mantle of Bishop,
in the Orthodox-Catholic domain.
These accolades I count as a beginning,
to now seek the real Jesus way.

Then rejected by carnal fathers and
banned from the synod of Bishops.
My words cut too deep I was told
Now to exile I have been driven.

At 10,000 feet I live,
to the high Rockies I did turn.
As a prophet I did begin,
To a prophet I must return.

With llamas in the high mountains,
making harps and knives my trade.
To the Native and the angel,
a 'windwalker' some they say.

Glentivar now my humble home,
In the land of Anasazi fame.
Here I sit at heaven's gate,
to fight with unbending faith.

Others may come and join me,
in this prophet and angel place.
Come ready to live in freedom,
in the wilderness, a heavenly place.

Bring your tipis, tents and trailers,
to Glentivar's native lands.
And hear the voice of Creator,
to tell us of His awesome plan.

Into the mountains is the spirit-quest,
to find your call most dear .
Alone in the Rocky Mountains,
will remove all nagging fear.

The mantle I wear for mountain stays,
to dwell in sacred grottos of praise.
The birds they sing the songs I play,
as God meets me there each day.

Llamas up granite peaks I chase ,
the mountains they call them there.
I slowly climb - a shepherds fate,
and bring them home to care.

Living more as a pilgrim race,
freed from Mammon's binding chains.
I seek only to be in Creator' place,
to live and serve his way.

Breaking the bonds of Catholic strife,
to embrace the loving Jesus faith.
Now I live a simpler life,
the one Creator gave.

So come you weary pilgrim,
to the land above the mist.
My heart is ever seeking love,
so as to embrace you with a kiss.

Seeking Original Works
Glentivar Village Press is seeking to publish original works from authors who seek to expose the rise of the New World Order and provide for the equipping of YHWH warriors who can confront evil in the higher dimensional realms.  If you are writing such a book, please contact Abbot David at info@glentivar.org

New works soon to be published:

Battle Harps

Lyre Harps made by
Abbot David Michael.



Battleharp Music: http://battleharp.com
School of the Prophets:  http://schooloftheprophets.us

Proof the Anasazi Culture (800- 1200 AD) is both Celtic and Native
  1. Hebrew Decalogue (10 Commandments) found in Los Lunas, NM. dating to before 1200 AD.  More Here.
  2. Hebrew-Celtic bishops wore Eastern styled crowns as seen in Anasazi petroglyphs - not Roman mitres.  More Here.
  3. Evidence of iron smelting dross in Anasazi dumps, saw marks in timber in ancient Anasazi castles and Anasazi method  used in building in stone was also used by the early Celts.  Click Here.
  4. Ogam writing found in various places in the 4-corners area referring to the throne of a Celtic 'King' predating the 12th century.  Click Here.

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Battle Harps
Battle Harps are handmade based on the 'Kinnor' design used by the Hebrews in bringing down the walls of Jericho.  They are being built as weapons for spiritual battle used by warrior-prophets against evil in these last days.   No prophet should be without one.
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